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Terranova Productions will be sponsoring a new mod for Black Hawk Down/Team Sabre and eventually Joint Operations. Right now our main focus will be directed at DF:BHD/TS. However with the release of Joint Ops right around the corner we will definitely be heading that way.

We have put a lot of time into BHD and so has the rest of the community. With the release of the MOD Tools there are many people finding skills they never knew they had. Now anyone can create objects for BHD which has opened a door for all of us. In a few short months we have seen people create some impressive stuff. From conversions to a simple object, the community has been overflowing with creativity.

The problem we foresee is most of the small, one-person MODs will be over looked and it will be hard to get a large amount of people to recognize them. Someone that creates his or her first building or a small team of dedicated MODDERS deserves to have their hard work and dedication published no matter how great or small. Unfortunately this is not always the case within our community. If it isnít large enough with tons of new enhancements, the MOD in most cases will be over looked and all the hard work people put into it will be lost.

We are hoping with a joint effort, the DF community along with Terranova can create a MOD the entire community will be involved in. There is a good bit of work involved in producing a public MOD. It could take months for a modder to get his or her MOD completed and packaged for public use. Terranova has the tools and know how to make these things a lot easier and more then willing to help the community out with these MODs. If everyone gets together as a team its guaranteed there work will be published and more then a few people will play it.

Terranova is inviting the public to submit any new models, skins or terrains for this project. Models from any historical period are welcomed. Within reason, pretty much anything will be accepted. Terrains, Foliage, Buildings, Vehicles and Decorations are going to be the main focus. This is not a weapons MOD although we will accept some weapons for this project it is not something we are going to put a lot of time into. We will be replacing the current weapons, but due to the fact the game will only allow a set number of weapon entries our hands are tied. So adding more weapons is not an option.

If a submitter wishes to become part of the Terranova crew this mod would be the best opportunity to prove they have what Terranova is looking for. To build a strong modding team that will have experience working together when Joint Ops and the Joint Ops tools are released. Our ultimate goal is to get a team of people together for future Terranova products when we decide to make our own game.

Terranova will provide a private Ventrilo or a Team Speak server and try to give as much support we can. Anyone that wants to get involved with this MOD is welcome to join the server. We are hoping the server will become a meeting place for modders to work together for a finer product and a place for us to learn and share knowledge.

This is a project for the entire community to get involved in so spread the word and lets make the best mod the Delta Force community has seen!

Posted by Servant
11. June 2004

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